Ball Hamstring Curls

Learn How To Do Ball Hamstring Curls

In this video Dr. Eileen shows you how to successfully complete hamstring curls. You are going to want to place your heels on top of a exercise ball. Next you are going to curl your heels up to your hips while tightening your hamstring and glutes. When you are at the peak of each movement pause and focus on squeezing your glutes and hamstring area for maximum burn. Next slowly lower your body. Remember to keep your belly tight and your core tight and use your arms on the side of the mats to support your stance. Repeat.

Key takeaways

  • Place Heels On Ball
  • Curl Your Heels Up To Your Hips
  • With Each Curl You Tighten Your Hamstring + Glutes
  • At The Top Of Each Movement Pause & Focus On Squeezing Glutes/Hamstrings
  • Slowly Lower Your Body & Repeat

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