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Dr. Eileen's Flat Belly Morning Smoothie-

 My tried and true favorite when I am headed out in the mornings for work.  This smoothie is satisfying with a good balance of fat (avocado), proteins, and carbs.  You can certainly add fresh or frozen fruits to your liking, some of my favorite add in's are fresh papaya, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries.  The fruits in this smoothie will help with your digestive system to keep it regular with plenty of natural fiber.  When you start with a satiating and nutritious smoothie, you will be less tempted to snack on low-nutrient snacks through the morning and even the rest of your day.

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Easy Miso Noodle Soup

 On a cold night, who doesn't love a bowl of hot noodle soup that takes less than 10 mins to make? It is literally faster to make this in your own kitchen than making a trip to the closest pho/ramen place near you.  The ingredients we use for proteins are easy to cook within minutes, and miso is a wonderfully flavorful soup base that is rich in minerals and probiotics good for your gut.  Add spinach or any leafy greens you have in the fridge to boost the nutrition and taste.

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Healthy Clam Linguine

 As a former distance runner, clam linguine is my favorite post-race meals or for any day when you are craving a hearty pasta dish.  Without using butter or cream, you can still season this dish so that everything you love about clam linguine is still in its essence.  

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Asian baked tofu bites

  These baked tofu bites are easy to make ahead and you can literally add them to any meal, from salads to stir-fry to rice bowls.  Pressing the tofu is an important step that extract extra water from the tofu so the baked tofu is firm and slightly chewy.  They are also scrumptious to snack on that deliver high protein, low fat and carbs that help you fuel up healthily on a busy day.  I like bringing these tofu bites in a container or ziplock bag with me on-the-go.  

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