f you are wondering how to find motivation for change...⁠

This challenge comes down to the core of it all: Fostering self love.⁠

What does this mean?⁠

💛What is keeping you from change?⁠
💛What identity of yourself are you holding on to?⁠
💛What part of that self identity you might have to let go of when you pursue new changes?⁠
💛What narrative are you telling yourself that you can't change?⁠
💛If you were your own best friend, would you be complacent or encourage yourself to reach for your goals?⁠

These are tough questions, but as a wellness educator I cannot answer them for you or for any of my clients.

But because I believe you can change, and you deserve the health and goals you dream of, I am asking those of you, who have struggled to see real results and lasting changes to take a deeper look. ⁠

Sign-up for my "Getting the Boss Back in your Boss Girl Life" (www.thefitmed.com) to help you reflect on this. This guide will help you:⁠

1. dive in and take an inventory of your strengths⁠
2. your sources of happiness and fulfillment⁠
3. what may be distracting you from pursuing what makes you happy⁠
4. how to prioritize your time to align with your goals⁠
5. how to protect your environment from negative influences and relationships⁠
6. what good nutrition means and can do for your health and fitness goals⁠
7. what physical activities and having a fitness routine can do for your determination and mindset ⁠

October 19, 2020
Finding your Motivation for Change

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