About Fit Med

Hey there!
I’m Dr. Eileen

I am a board-certified, practicing physician in Las Vegas since 2013. I specialize in pediatric medicine and preventative care.  Becoming a physician has definitely been one of my biggest accomplishments, but life outside of medicine has taught me so much about time management, health and fitness, nutrition, balancing home and work life.

A little more about me

On first impressions, many people do not realize that I am a first-generation Chinese American with a Texan accent who has been making the American dream my reality.  By nature, I love picking up new languages and accents, finding humor and silver lining in every situation, learning new skills and knowledge, exploring new places and discovering the nuances of different cultures.  I grew up in Houston, Texas where I am an alum of Rice University (Go Owls!) and UT Southwestern Medical School. Then I continued my residency training at NYU-Winthrop Hospital in New York and fellowship in Pediatric Critical Care at Nemours Foundation.  

Fit Med is my heart project because it was born out of love, out of my desire to help busy professional women eliminate their limiting beliefs through a transformational process so they can finally achieve their health and fitness goals. 

Navigating a demanding career requires a lot of juggling amongst work obligations, training, home, personal and family interests.  The journey of becoming a physician, like any goal, takes a lot of planning, consistent hard work, and guidance.  My experience from choosing a specialty that aligns with my values and skills, to picking a practice to join, to figuring out how life-work balance (YES, life comes first before work) looks like in real life, I have learned that these decisions took a bit of introspection and soul-searching.  In doing so, I was able to make choices and prioritize my time to achieve how I want to live my life.  

I have made health and fitness a priority in my life early on because it was my way to destress, unwind and break away from long workdays.  Making health and fitness a life goal also helped me to heal, to foster self-love, and to continue to show up every day in my best form.  

Fitness & Health Success With Eileen

Here are a few of my fitness and health endeavors while training and working as a physician

Invited by NBC to apply for Season 2 Titan Games

Meal-prepped my meals since 2017.

Competed as fitness bikini competitor on the NPC (National Physique Committee) stage.

I continued to take dance lessons from NYC’s top schools of dance, including Alvin Ailey Dance Company.

Completed over 12 half marathons and one marathon.

Completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training certification

Consistently trained at a gym 4-6x/week on any given week.

As a busy professional woman, like many of you, I know how much we take on every day. I also know how easy it is to put our own health and needs aside to care for our loved ones.  As a pediatrician, I get to help busy career-oriented moms to be the best caregiver for their children.  

I hope to inspire you, guide you, and show you how you can live this healthy and powerful life journey to become a better you.

In my own journey, I have struggled with:

While the world expects you to be one or the other, I believe we deserve to live a nutritious, fit, and mentally strong life.   I am here to show you how you can prioritize your health and wellness so that you can finally successfully tackle your health and fitness goals at full force. 

Finding time for exercise and rest

Eating nutritiously and making quick healthy meals

Being motivated to consistently make healthy food choices

Keeping an active lifestyle

Managing stress

Planning out busy weeks full of work/home/life obligations

Join Us In Eating healthy

Join Dr. Eileen to transforming yourself, inside & out, a whole healthier you!